Some people see it as fifteen minutes of fame.

We see it as just the beginning.

Reality X is the only management firm in Australia to solely nurture and represent the profiles and careers of performers and personalities from reality television. We see the future untapped potential. You can inspire and connect with audiences on a different level because you’re more relatable and authentic. These are valuable traits and we know how to leverage this in the media and entertainment industry.

We understand the post-show blues and your desire for more, but it can be intimidating. It’s a complex industry with negotiations and lingos, tricks and traps and a whole lot of hot air. We take care of all this so you can focus on what you do best, being you. We’re media-savvy, strategic and richly connected to industry contacts and resources that we carefully match to your needs. We review and can rebuild your personal profile from the ground up, including all digital assets, and then bring you opportunities to enhance your brand and connect with your fans.
We set short term milestones because momentum is important but think long term because it’s all about career longevity. We’re not slicks with false praise and promises. We talk straight and get things done. Honesty and trust are our tenets and we take pride in nurturing fraternal bonds. We want to understand your aspirations, what makes you tick and what keeps you awake at night, and then represent you as if you were our own sons and daughters.